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Traditional Office Coffee

Curtis D500GT

Curtis D500GT

The Curtis D500GT Airpot System PLUS your gourmet roast provides luxurious flavor with brewing simplicity…every time. Featuring digital read out and a wide, “rain flow” spray head, the D500 brewer is able to produce a Gold Cup Standard cup of coffee right in your breakroom. Dimensions: 24.48″ H x 9.25″ W x 16.69″ D

Curtis TLP12A

Curtis TLP

The Curtis TLP Airpot Brewing System gives you top of the line performance with an ultra-compact size to fit in almost any breakroom. Full and Half-Batch Settings allow you to brew based on demand. Whisper quite pumps make this machine a favorite for workers who have a desk near the breakroom! Dimensions: 17.75” x 9.25” x 16.75”

Curtis D60GT

Curtis D60GT

A tried and true classic updated with a digital display, the Curtis D60GT uses the G3 digital control module to brew premium gourmet coffee with ease. The stainless steel thermal carafe maintains temperature without additional warming. Dimensions: 17.75” H x 9.13” W x 16.63” D

Bunn WAVE 15-APS

The Bunn WAVE Airpot Brewer is the ultimate in customization. With adjustable legs, the brewer can fit under the shortest counter heights. With two programmable brew size settings, it allows you to brew based on demand. And with 15 pulse routine settings, you are able to customize the strength and flavor of your coffee to exacting standards! Dimensions: 16.94-18.69” H x 9.71 W x 17.24”D

Single Cup Coffee Brewers

DeJong Duke Virtu 92/36

De Jong Duke – Virtu 92/36

The Virtu 92/36 has it all at the touch of a button. The Coex brewing system allows for high pressure espresso as well as traditional coffee beverages. With 2 Whole Bean Hoppers, 1 Pre-Ground Coffee Hopper, and 3 Soluble Canisters for Cocoa, French Vanilla Cappuccino and a Milk Cappuccino Topping, the Virtu offers a beverage for all tastes. All of this is wrapped up in a stainless steel casing with an attractive 10” touch screen display, the Virtu has style and functionality! Dimensions: 36″ x 18″ x 23″

Bravilor Sego 12

Small, but mighty, the Bravilor Sego 12 offers 1 whole bean selection and two soluble hoppers for Hot Chocolate and Milk Cappuccino Topping. The Sego makes a wide variety of espresso and drip coffee beverages at the touch of a button. Its compact size makes it perfect for just about any office space.

DeJong Duke Nio202A

DeJong Duke Nio

Features of this bean-to-cup brewer: Two whole bean canisters Three LED-illuminated ingredient canisters 10.4″ high resolution full color touch screen Keyless cleaning and operation A multitude of beverage options including coffee, espresso, latte macchiato, cafe latte, hot chocolate, chocolate milk, cappuccino, cafe au lait and more!

Cafection Encore Lite

The Cafection Encore Lite Brewer does it all with style! With 3 whole bean hoppers, 2 canisters for cocoa and cappuccino, 3 brew sizes and 3 brewing strengths, customization is the name of the game. All of this is wrapped up in a sleek black finish with a 7” touch screen display. This machine will impress your employees and guests with its attractive looks and blow them away with the quality of beverages! Dimensions: 40″x11.5″x23″

Cafection Total 1

The Total 1 is a top quality coffee machine that delivers delicious single serve coffee from the bean to your cup. Its selections of three whole beans, two solubles and milk powder guarantee the satisfaction of all clients, even the most demanding ones!

Cafection Encore 29

Discover the New NSF-4 Certified Encore 29 The Encore 29’s compact size does not mean compromise. This high quality coffee machine offers a choice of three coffee beans and three soluble products. With close to a hundred beverage combinations, the finest gourmets will be satisfied. The Encore 29 is equipped with a high definition 18.5 inch touchscreen, perfect to promote your upcoming office events or to showcase your products to your guests.  The compact size means it will fit in almost any breakroom.  Dimensions 29.38″ (H) x 22″ (W) x 24.63″ (D)

Starbucks Serenade

Features of this coffee brewer: Satisfy everyone on your team with three different varieties of Starbucks® coffee, freshly ground and brewed in about a minute Enjoy additional beverage options including iced coffee (access to ice is required), TAZO® Chai Latte and hot chocolate Intuitive 17″ digital display makes operation quick and easy Committed to 100% ethically sourced coffee Low product waste Add-on payment option available

Starbucks Digital I-Cup

You can now offer clients the Starbucks® coffee they love with a new digital experience. The intuitive design helps deliver the premium experience of Starbucks® Coffee in a more personal setting. It’s an easy way for clients to give their staff an exciting and rewarding coffee experience. – Digital Interface – Easy-to-use, interactive experience – 3-Bean Hopper – More variety for every employee to find a coffee they love – The only Starbucks® bean-to-cup machine that offers fresh-brewed coffee in less than a minute – Brew by the cup or by the carafe – Can reduce waste by brewing exactly what’s needed

Pod Brewers

Bunn MyCafe’

The Bunn MyCafe is a compact workhorse. This brewer allows you to select your size (4oz – 12oz) and brew a perfect cup of coffee or tea in under 45 seconds. The MyCafe is available in a direct-plumb or pour-over model and features the reliability and performance that has made Bunn a leader in the industry for years. Dimensions: 13.6″x 8″x 10.5″ Suggested Daily Use: 10+ Cups per day

Bunn AutoPod

The Bunn AutoPod Brewer utilizes digital read-out and auto-eject of used pods to create the utmost in ease and convenience in pod brewing. The brewer features a direct-plumb kit, so you never need to worry about refilling the reservoir. Two programmable brew sizes allow for beverages from 4oz-12oz. Advanced program features allow you to dial in strength and flavor profile to your office’s exact taste. Dimensions: 15.8″x 9.7″x 16.4″ Suggested Daily Use: 20+ Cups per day

Newco Freshcup touch

Newco Fresh Cup Touch

Style and functionality, the Fresh Cup Touch utilizes and attractive design and intuitive touch screen control to deliver a great tasting cup of coffee in seconds. Fully programmable and customizable, the Fresh Cup Touch allows you to dial in the perfect tasting cup of coffee, all in a compact and eco-friendly package.

Newco CX Touch

Newco – CX Touch

Enjoy delicious coffees, latte’s, cappuccinos and more with the CX Touch. Blend soluble milk and chocolate with individual PODS of coffee and tea to create coffee house quality drinks. Simply scroll through the high resolution touch screen, select your drink, insert a POD and your drink is prepared in under a minute. No need to leave the workplace for great tasting coffee.



Brew your favorite beverages at the touch of a button. Ideal for small size businesses. Brewer Capabilities Quiet Brew Technology™ XL 96oz Water Reservoir Strong Brew Automatic On/Off Function 4 Cup Sizes Drainable Internal Tank High Altitude (>5,000 feet) Setting

K150/K150P K-Cup Brewer

Tried and True, the K150/150P provides versatility with 4oz., 6oz., 8oz., 10oz. and 12oz. brew sizes. Available in direct-plumb or Pour Over models, this machine works for just about any office. Features include a touch screen display, whisper-quite brewing, improved durability and attractive design. Dimensions: 13.9″x 14″x 10.4″ Suggested Daily Use: 10+ Cups per Day.

Keurig B-3000 K-Cup Brewer

Our large office, full featured model – perfect for offices that prefer the utmost convenience! Ideal for offices of 30 or more employees or food service locations. Features include auto-eject of used K-Cups, dedicated hot water spigot, and versatility with 4 brew sizes of 4oz, 6oz, 8oz, or 10oz. Dimensions: 17.4″x 12″x 18″ Suggested Daily Use: 20+ Cups per day


Turn your favorite K-Cup® pod into a cappuccino or latte, or enjoy it on its own. Enjoy a strong, intense coffeehouse experience in under a minute with remarkable ease. Brewer Capabilities Two 1 lb. Milk Powder Hoppers Can Make up to 50 Cappuccinos or Lattes Multilingual Brewing Instructions 5 Cup Sizes for Coffee, Tea, Cocoa, or Cider Available Direct Water Line Plumbing 3 Cup Sizes for Cappuccinos and Lattes Adjustable Temperature Automatic On/Off Function Programmable Automatic Used K-Cup® Pod Ejection and Storage Interactive Touchscreen Removable Drip Tray Quick Rinse Feature Drainable Internal Tank High Altitude (>5,000 feet) Setting

High-Volume Coffee Brewers

Curtis GEM 120A 10

Curtis Gemini 120A

Brews automatically in 12- or 24-cup increments Automatic timer allows brewing of 24 cups without brew basket reloading Hot water faucet lets you draw steaming hot water for tea, soups or cup meals — even during brewing High-efficiency, double-wall insulation in each satellite Server maintains coffee temperature for extended periods without warming Locking satellite lids guard against accidental spills Color-coded satellite faucets available for regular or decaffeinated coffee or tea

Curtis Gemini Twin

Curtis Gemini Twin

Whether you’re brewing for restaurant table service, a hotel lobby, or even a convenience store, this Curtis GEMTS16A1000 G3 Gemini twin 1.5 gallon coffee satellite brewer makes it easy to produce finely-crafted gourmet coffee every time! This brewer’s versatility comes from its intuitive scroll-through control module, which allows you to fine-tune the details of the brewing process or choose from the pre-programmed menu options – you can even set your brew settings to each brew button for repeatable results. Additional features like pulse brewing and pre-infusion help you create a one of a kind blend your customers will love, and double walled insulated servers lock in heat for a fresh-brewed taste in every cup. – Twin, 1.5 gallon double wall removable servers with sight glasses – Self-diagnostics monitor brewing operations and make maintenance easy – Fully customizable brewing process – Large LCD display Overall Dimensions: Left to Right: 18″ Front to Back: 22 1/4″ Height: 29 3/4″

Curtis ThermoPro 15gal

Curtis G4 ThermoPro 1.5gal

The new G4 ThermoPro delivers high-tech advancements to make serving hot, fresh coffee even easier with its simple, intuitive, icon-driven interface and large, 4.3″ touch screen. Icon-driven interface streamlines operation. On-Screen instructions provide fast, intuitive training. Pre-set, one-touch Global Recipes – Based on coffee type, grind and weight, simplifies getting gourmet results every time. The stainless-steel ThermoPRO vacuum-sealed servers keep coffee fresh, hot and flavorful.  The 1.5 gallon volumes means you will be able to keep even the most hard core of coffee drinkers fueled!  Dimensions: 35″ H x 11.13″ W x 20.75″ D

Curtis ThermoPro Twin 1.5Gal

Curtis G4 ThermoPro Twin

The Curtis G4TP2T10A3100 twin 1.5 gallon coffee brewer offers you the ability to fine tune your brew. Through the 4.3 inch touchscreen, and icon-driven interface, you can adjust variables such as brewing time, temperature, and volume. Furthermore, this Curtis ThermoPro brewer allows you to change the pre-infusion and pulse brewing. The G4TP2T10A3100 also provides pre-set, one-touch global recipes that are based on coffee type, grind, and weight for those who might feel overwhelmed with all the options. This also means that right out of the box, you can start to brew delicious coffee. Other convenient features of this brewer include a self-disagnostic system, hot water spout for instant hot beverages and other hot water needs, and an enhanced recovery circuitry.

Espresso Equipment

Rancillio Classe 5 USB 1 Group

The Classe 5 exemplifies functional minimalism combined with contemporary aesthetics. It features modern side panels; curved group covers and an ergonomic work area for comfort and convenience. The intuitive brew group control buttons are designed for instant interaction between the barista and the machine. The Classe 5 is the combination of modern style and contemporary art in an espresso machine. Made from brushed stainless steel, ABS and nylon panels, the Classe 5 has Soft Touch keypads for easy start and stop controls with white LED backlights. The Classe 5 comes in Standard or Compact and versions in Anthracite Black and Ice White. Discover functional minimalism with the Classe 5.

Rancillio Classe 5 USB 2 Group

The Classe 5 USB exemplifies functional minimalism combined with contemporary aesthetics. It features modern side panels, curved group covers and an ergonomic work area for comfort and convenience. The intuitive brew group control buttons are designed for instant interaction between the barista and the machine. This traditional commercial espresso maker has Soft touch keypads with 4 programmable drink volumes for quick and easy espresso preparation.

Nuova Ricambi Zenith 2000 Espresso Grinder

Versatile and compact, the Zenith 2000 has a doserless design to make sure each shot is ground fresh. Automatic single and double shot programing lock in your weight so you don’t have to eyeball or second guess your portafilter levels. Push to start function allows you to keep a hand free while grinding and filling.

Coffee Grinders

Bunn LPG-2

The Bunn LPG-2 is the most compact dual cabinet grinder that we offer. Now you can get variety, consistency and the freshness of whole bean coffee brewing in just about any office space! Dimensions: 17.5”x8.6”x11”

Bunn LPG

The Bunn LPG grinder gives you accurate portion control grinding of your favorite whole bean coffee and compact design to fit any breakroom. All of this with the trusted name of Bunn that has been a staple of quality in the Coffee Industry for decades. Dimensions: 15.1”x8.64”x10”

Grindmaster 250

The Grindmaster 250 portion control grinder gives you 2 whole bean hoppers for your favorite whole bean coffees. The precision grinding burrs are specialty made for Grindmaster to provide the most consistent and uniform grind available. Dimensions: 31.5”x8.5”x14.5”

Grindmaster 190SS

The 190SS is perfect for offices who want to bring the “Coffeehouse Experience” to their breakroom, but don’t have a lot of extra space. The compact, low rise design allows you to portion grind your favorite whole bean coffee in seconds. Dimensions: 20.2”x9”x8.5

Water Coolers

ION Sparkling Water System

The ION Sparkling Water System offers hot, cold and sparkling water all at the touch of a button. This model features the same “tankless” design as the non-sparkling models offering higher capacity cold water all while using less energy than traditional countertop water coolers. The attractive design an easy of use make this cooler the perfect center-point of any breakroom. Dimensions 16.1″x13″x17″

Oasis Aquarious Countertop

Contemporary, Stylish and Space Saving. The Oasis Aquarious offers hot, cold and room temperature water at the touch of a button. Choose from 3 pre-selected size dispenses or custom size dispense. Compact size fits under most cabinets. Energy Star Rated.

Avalon A12 Countertop

Sleek look and premium functionality. The A12 offers hot, cold and room temperature offerings. The high spigot clearance allows for almost any sports bottle or canteen to be filled. Self-Cleaning ozone function keeps your machine pristine and offers additional peace of mind.

Oasis Atlantis Series Floor-standing

Available in hot and cold or room temp and cold models, the Atlantis floor standing cooler can go just about anywhere you can think of. From breakrooms to boardrooms, front lobbies and warehouses. The Atlantis series cooler takes up only 1 square foot of floor space! Dimensions: 39”x12”x12”

Crystal Mountain CrystalPro

njoy purified drinking water that also tastes great with this Crystal Mountain Crystal Pro purified Water dispenser. This product was designed to bring safe drinking water to your facility and fellow associates. Built to work with any filtration system. Model: Crystal Pro : Hot , Cold and Cook

Natural Choice Ion Countertop

Natural Choice ION Countertop

The ION Water Cooler has a proprietary design and sealed waterway where your water is freshly filtered and instantly chilled. Think of this as a “tankless” water cooler. The water lines are run through a bank of ice that instantly chills the water without the need for an internal reservoir. This means that the ION Cooler produces more cold water than any other water cooler, all while using less energy. The 9” spigot clearance allows you to easily fill glasses, bottles and most pitchers with ease. Dimensions: 16.1”x13”x17”

Lavit Beverage System

Introducing the single serve, cold beverage system that allows you to create still or sparkling beverages in a variety of flavors. Users insert recyclable capsules to create a variety of great tasting and healthy options. Choose individual servings of chilled, still or sparkling water with or without a flavor capsule to achieve your perfect refreshment. Chilled, filtered still AND sparkling water Great water, everyday: Cooler self-sanitizes Custom crafted better-for-you beverages (flavored waters, teas, even iced coffee!) made from light, compact, 100% recyclable EcoCapsTM Innovative “no cross contamination” Cooler design Minimal space/weight/storage and no refrigeration vs. bottles and cans Dimensions: 15.2″ Width x 17.5″ Height x 19.3″ Depth

Follett Series 7 Ice and Water

Clean design and quiet performance. The Series 7 ice and water countertop machine offers soft, chewable ice and water at the push of a button. The compact size makes it fit in almost any office space.

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