About Us

It’s all about great customer service and a real good cup of coffee.

Good Cup of CoffeePuget Sound Beverage Service was founded with a simple goal in mind; to provide our customers with the ability to brew an amazing cup of coffee, right in their office, at a reasonable price.  By offering over 100 varieties of coffee to select from, we ensure that we have the right coffee for your taste.  Unlike other office coffee companies, we will never tell you what you should use.  Instead, we give you our complete listing of coffees complete with prices, and allow you to sample any or all of them until you find the right coffee at the right price.

We also offer a complete listing of state of the art brewing equipment to help you brew the perfect cup of coffee.  All of our equipment is commercially graded to stand up to the toughest tests.  Puget Sound Beverage will install and maintain all of your office’s brewing equipment at no additional charge.

We will also supply you with a complete listing of breakroom supply products that we offer. We are truly an office coffee service.  We want to eliminate the need for you to take time out of your busy schedule to go to the store to buy coffee and supplies.  Instead, we’ll bring it all right to your door.

What you can expect:

  • When you select Puget Sound Beverage Service as your coffee provider we will install the coffee brewing equipment you have selected… FREE OF CHARGE.
  • We will continue to loan and the equipment FREE OF CHARGE as long as you continue to purchase your coffee from us.
  • We will assign you a regular delivery schedule whereby we will automatically visit your office to deliver products and inspect the equipment. In most cases these visits will take place once every 4 weeks, but if necessary we can arrange our visits to occur more frequently. Of course, all deliveries are FREE OF CHARGE.
  • We keep an inventory log of all products that you purchase from us. This allows us to estimate the variety and quantity of products you will need to last until your next delivery. We will create a suggested order, and once you approve we will create your invoice. You will only be billed for the products you order.
  • We will then stock the products that you have just purchased, taking care to rotate the stock so that you use the oldest products first.
  • Before leaving your office, we will inspect your brewing equipment for proper operation and cleanliness, and will make any necessary adjustments, clean and sanitize all equipment FREE OF CHARGE.