Go Green! Recycle Your Used K-Cups with Puget Sound Beverage.

Did you know that you can recycle your used K-Cups?  Puget Sound Beverage Service makes it simple by providing Keurig's "Grounds to Grow On" K-Cup recycling plan.  With this hybrid program, your used K-Cups are both composted and converted into energy-from-waste.  All the while reducing the amount of waste in our landfills.

NuLeaf Office Solutions: Puget Sound Beverage’s Office Supply Partner

Puget Sound Beverage is excited to announce our partnership with NuLeaf Office Solutions, a local office supply and technology provider.  Our partnership with NuLeaf ensures that you can have your entire office covered with the type of service, support and savings that you've come to expect from your coffee service provider.

Meet the Latest Starbucks Digital Interactive Cup Brewer

In 2014 Starbucks announced the launch of their latest version of the I-Cup; The Digital Interactive Cup Brewer.  With a new touch screen design, 3 coffee hoppers and advanced interface, this amazing machine has become even better and more reliable.  The Starbucks Digital I-Cup will ensure that your employees and guests are rewarded with a true coffeehouse experience without ever leaving the office.

Callie’s Coffee – Funding a Cure for Pediatric Cancer

Callie's Coffee is the inspiration of 7 year old Callie Lentz.  Touched by the loss of her childhood friend to Pediatric Cancer, Callie decided to form a coffee company that would donate 100% of the profits to Pediatric Cancer Research.  Puget Sound Beverage is proud to now offer Callie's Coffee.  By purchasing this premium coffee for your office, you could help in finding a cure for pediatric cancer.

What people think of Puget Sound Beverage

Neil and his staff are great!  We never need to worry about a thing.  Customer service is Stellar!  If we do need anything I just call Neil and it’s addressed immediately.

We recently moved our office and they helped make the equipment transition smooth.  Everyone stayed hydrated and happy.

Puget Sound Beverage Service made the transition from our prior service smooth and carefree.  It was an easy transition to a better company with more personable and friendly service. Very glad we made the change!