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Featured Equipment

DeJong Duke Virtu 92/36

De Jong Duke – Virtu 92/36

The Virtu 92/36 has it all at the touch of a button. The Coex brewing system allows for high pressure espresso as well as traditional coffee beverages. With 2 Whole Bean Hoppers, 1 Pre-Ground Coffee Hopper, and 3 Soluble Canisters for Cocoa, French Vanilla Cappuccino and a Milk Cappuccino Topping, the Virtu offers a beverage for all tastes. All of this is wrapped up in a stainless steel casing with an attractive 10” touch screen display, the Virtu has style and functionality! Dimensions: 36″ x 18″ x 23″

Curtis D500GT

Curtis D500GT

The Curtis D500GT Airpot System PLUS your gourmet roast provides luxurious flavor with brewing simplicity…every time. Featuring digital read out and a wide, “rain flow” spray head, the D500 brewer is able to produce a Gold Cup Standard cup of coffee right in your breakroom. Dimensions: 24.48″ H x 9.25″ W x 16.69″ D

Natural Choice Ion Countertop

Natural Choice ION Countertop

The ION Water Cooler has a proprietary design and sealed waterway where your water is freshly filtered and instantly chilled. Think of this as a “tankless” water cooler. The water lines are run through a bank of ice that instantly chills the water without the need for an internal reservoir. This means that the ION Cooler produces more cold water than any other water cooler, all while using less energy. The 9” spigot clearance allows you to easily fill glasses, bottles and most pitchers with ease. Dimensions: 16.1”x13”x17”

Newco CX Touch

Newco – CX Touch

Enjoy delicious coffees, latte’s, cappuccinos and more with the CX Touch. Blend soluble milk and chocolate with individual PODS of coffee and tea to create coffee house quality drinks. Simply scroll through the high resolution touch screen, select your drink, insert a POD and your drink is prepared in under a minute. No need to leave the workplace for great tasting coffee.

What our customers think

Your Service is exceptional! Anytime I have a request, someone is out quickly to help us. Thanks so much for your efficiency and excellent service!
Staffing Firm
 I have to ask this: Do you have radar instinct or is there a section on your employment application that states, “You must be inherently nice to work at Puget Sound Beverage?”  It’s always a pleasure when we order our coffee, receive our coffee, or have our water worked on.  What is your secret? 
Law Firm
Our office couldn’t be happier with the quality and service we have received from Puget Sound Beverage. They have a large variety of coffee so we are able to rotate selection in our machines, which our employees love. They always keep our kitchen fully stocked with all our coffee/water essentials. Most of all, you won’t find better service or better people than what you’ll get with Puget Sound Beverage. Our Delivery Driver is amazing, the Service Technicians take care of our machines quickly when needed, and the team at their office is so easy to work with.
Software Company
Puget Sound Beverage has consistently knocked it out of the park with outstanding customer service and quality products. Everyone I’ve interacted with is knowledgeable and helpful and you can tell they really enjoy the work they do. If there’s ever an issue (and it’s rare), Neil and his crew are quick to respond and get things up and running in no time. I never hesitate to recommend them to anyone who will listen!
Tech company

Go Green! Recycle and Compost your used K-Cups

Puget Sound Beverage Service makes it simple by providing Keurig's "Grounds to Grow On" K-Cup recycling plan. With this hybrid program, your used K-Cups are both composted and converted into energy-from-waste. All the while reducing the amount of waste in our landfills.


NuLeaf Office Solutions: Our Office Supply Partner

We're excited about our partnership with NuLeaf Office Solutions, a local office supply and technology provider. Our partnership with NuLeaf ensures that you can have your entire office covered with the type of service, support and savings that you've come to expect from your coffee service provider.


Meet the Latest Starbucks Serenade Brewer

With engaging content on its intuitive 17" screen, the versatility to add a customer payment option and the ability to brew 38 8-oz cups per hour, Serenade™ single-cup brewer offers your guests, employees and business a genuine Starbucks Experience.

All-new Lavit Beverage System

Introducing the single serve, cold beverage system that allows you to create still or sparkling beverages in a variety of flavors. Users insert recyclable capsules to create a variety of great tasting and healthy options. Choose individual servings of chilled, still or sparkling water with or without a flavor capsule to achieve your perfect refreshment. Chilled, filtered still AND sparkling water Great water, everyday: Cooler self-sanitizes Custom crafted better-for-you beverages (flavored waters, teas, even iced coffee!) made from light, compact, 100% recyclable EcoCapsTM Innovative “no cross contamination” Cooler design Minimal space/weight/storage and no refrigeration vs. bottles and cans

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