Water Coolers

Water filtration coolers from Puget Sound Beverage Service not only save you money over traditional bottled water coolers, they also keep the Earth green.  If your office uses 4 or more 5-gallon bottles of water per month, Puget Sound Beverage can save you money over your bottled water service.  With several models to choose from, we options to fit every scenario.  Ditch the bottles, Save the Environment, Save Money!    


Oasis Atlantis Series Floor-standing

Available in hot and cold or room temp and cold models, the Atlantis floor standing cooler can go just about anywhere you can think of.  From breakrooms to boardrooms, front lobbies and warehouses.  The Atlantis series cooler takes up only 1 square foot of floor space!

Dimensions: 39”x12”x12”    

Oasis Onyx Countertop

The Oasis Onyx Countertop Water Cooler combines attractive, modern design with functionality.  Recessed spigots offer enhanced sanitation and the stainless steel and charcoal finish make it stand out as an attractive addition to your breakroom.  This model gives you piping hot water or ice cold drinking water at the touch of a button.

Dimensions” 18”x12.5”x14”    

MTN Horizon Countertop Cooler

The MTN Horizon Countertop Cooler features electronic soft touch controls for dispensing hot or cold water.  An LED spigot light and digital read out make this cooler appear attractive and inviting.  The extra tall, 10” spigot clearance allows for filling of just about any sized bottle, pitcher or glass.

Dimensions: 17.5”x17.1”x12.8”

Natural Choice ION Countertop

The ION Water Cooler has a proprietary design and sealed waterway where your water is freshly filtered and instantly chilled.  Think of this as a “tankless” water cooler.  The water lines are run through a bank of ice that instantly chills the water without the need for an internal reservoir.  This means that the ION Cooler produces more cold water than any other water cooler, all while using less energy.  The 9” spigot clearance allows you to easily fill glasses, bottles and most pitchers with ease.

Dimensions: 16.1”x13”x17”