The Amazing Impact of Callie’s Coffee

We recently received an email from our friends at Callie’s Coffee that brought a pause to our days and smiles on our faces.  The mission of Callie’s is to help fund a cure for pediatric cancer by changing the way we think about the products we choose to purchase every day.  By choosing Callie’s Coffees for your office, you are helping Callie’s to achieve their lofty goal of assisting in eliminating Pediatric Cancers.
Last week, The Ben Towne Foundation released the latest results of the clinical trial work being done at the Ben Towne Center for Childhood Cancer Research.  The results are staggering and encouraging.  11 of 13 patients treated in their clinical trial have achieved complete remission from cancer.  Even more impressive is that the patients in the trial had been treated for relapsed cancer and were sadly, running out of viable, traditional treatment options.  Please follow these links to see all of the details on this amazing achievement:
By choosing Callie’s in your place of business, you can help to fund this amazing research being done right here in our own city.  On top of this, the widespread visibility that offering Callie’s to your coworkers and clients creates, helps us to spread the message and mission even further.  Congratulations and Thank You to all at the Ben Towne Center for your amazing work, we hope that these types of messages will one day become commonplace.
Please feel free to share this message with friends, loved ones and colleagues!
Happy Holidays –
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