Espresso & Foodservice

espressoGourmet Coffee and Espresso Made Easy for You, Great For Your Customers

Have a Café, Restaurant or Espresso establishment that needs equipment, supplies and support?  Call Puget Sound Beverage.  We have over 25 years of experience helping business owners with everything from what coffee to serve and what equipment to use, to developing a menu and recipes to create loyal, repeat customers for years.

At Puget Sound Beverage Service we help you create a memorable cup of coffee for your customers. We understand that all customer bases are different and thus have different tastes. From your old fashioned diner “Cup O’ Joe” to the finest dining establishments, we’ve got the coffee and equipment to suit your needs.


If you purchase 20 lbs of coffee a week, you can qualify for our free espresso equipment loan program. Puget Sound Beverage Service will provide and install an espresso machine and grinder free of charge provided you purchase your coffee through Puget Sound Beverage Service. Call us toll free to find out more 877-537-1855.