Pod Brewers

Pod Brewers allow you to make a fresh cup of coffee at any time, in under a minute.  Pods resemble a traditional tea bag, but work in conjuncture with top of the line brewing technology.  At Puget Sound Beverage, we’ve sourced Pod brewing equipment that we feel, brews the best Pod available, and offers options for offices of any size.  Better yet, all used coffee or tea Pods are biodegradable or compostable!    

SunCana Pod Brewers

Suncana Pod Brewers are compact and versatile.  They offer 4 programmable size options and brew a cup of coffee in under 45 seconds.  With direct-plumb and pour-over versions, this machine can go anywhere!

Dimensions: 11"x 12.5"x 8.5"

Suggested Daily Use 5+ Cups per day

Bunn MyCafe'

The Bunn MyCafe is a compact workhorse.  This brewer allows you to select your size (4oz – 12oz) and brew a perfect cup of coffee or tea in under 45 seconds.  The MyCafe is available in a direct-plumb or pour-over model and features the reliability and performance that has made Bunn a leader in the industry for years.

Dimensions:  13.6"x 8"x 10.5"

Suggested Daily Use: 10+ Cups per day

Bunn AutoPod

The Bunn AutoPod Brewer utilizes digital read-out and auto-eject of used pods to create the utmost in ease and convenience in pod brewing.  The brewer features a direct-plumb kit, so you never need to worry about refilling the reservoir.  Two programmable brew sizes allow for beverages from 4oz-12oz.  Advanced program features allow you to dial in strength and flavor profile to your office’s exact taste.

 Dimensions:  15.8"x 9.7"x 16.4"


Suggested Daily Use: 20+ Cups per day