Office Coffee Services

office-workers-drinking-coffeeOffice Coffee Made Simple

Our idea of what an office coffee service should be is simple: A company that makes having a great cup of coffee in your office as simple as walking to your breakroom. When you hire an office coffee service to supply your office, the only time you should think about coffee is when you want to have a cup.

At Puget Sound Beverage Service, we make this happen for you by using our years of experience and expertise to develop the perfect office coffee program for your office.  What’s most important to you?  Local Roasters?  Staying “Green” with your breakroom choices?  Top of the line equipment?  Keeping on a strict budget?  We can make all of this happen for you.

 Why Choose Puget Sound Beverage Service?

  • Free installation, use, and maintenance of all coffee brewing equipment
  • Large selection of over 50 Gourmet Coffees from National Brands to Local Roasters
  • Lowest prices in the industry
  • Fair Trade, Responsibly Sourced, and Eco-Friendly Options
  • Locally-Owned and Operated means you get FAST service
  • Free Delivery

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Breakroom Supplies

If you’re in need of supplies for your breakroom, please download our Breakroom Supplies list.