Coffee Grinders

Puget Sound Beverage Service is proud to offer a full line of gourmet, portion control grinders for office use.  These grinders are designed to give you a fully customized way to brew a fresh, full pot of coffee with extraordinary taste and quality.  Incorporating a whole bean grinder into your breakroom coffee service truly brings the “Coffeehouse Atmosphere” to your breakroom.  From the smell of fresh ground coffee, to the rich, full and customizable flavor of your coffee.  Heading to the breakroom truly will be an escape from the pressures of a busy office.    

Grindmaster 190SS

The 190SS is perfect for offices who want to bring the “Coffeehouse Experience” to their breakroom, but don’t have a lot of extra space.  The compact, low rise design allows you to portion grind your favorite whole bean coffee in seconds.

Dimensions: 20.2”x9”x8.5    

Grindmaster 250

The Grindmaster 250 portion control grinder gives you 2 whole bean hoppers for your favorite whole bean coffees.  The precision grinding burrs are specialty made for Grindmaster to provide the most consistent and uniform grind available.

Dimensions: 31.5”x8.5”x14.5”    

Bunn LPG

The Bunn LPG grinder gives you accurate portion control grinding of your favorite whole bean coffee and compact design to fit any breakroom.  All of this with the trusted name of Bunn that has been a staple of quality in the Coffee Industry for decades.

Dimensions: 15.1”x8.64”x10”

Bunn LPG-2

The Bunn LPG-2 is the most compact dual cabinet grinder that we offer.  Now you can get variety, consistency and the freshness of whole bean coffee brewing in just about any office space!

Dimensions: 17.5”x8.6”x11”